December 16, 2014

Christmas lights 2014

I took these about a month ago, when the Christmas lights in Regents Street were first switched on. There was a small "switching on" ceremony with a few singers too, but we missed that. We usually stay away from crowdy situations. Ironic, because there are hardly any non-crowdy situations in London, but you know what I mean.

For all those celebrating, have a great Christmas with your loved ones. For those not celebrating, enjoy the holiday season and festivities. I personally just love watching all the old Christmas movies at this time of the year. Huge Love Actually fan here :)

December 3, 2014

30 Day Photography Challenge Day 30: Self Portrait

My last day... I've managed to complete this challenge and it was so much fun. I would recommend any person that loves photography or even pros, to do this. There are so many challenges out there, so just pick one and go with it. Here is the link to the 30 Day Photography Challenge that I used if you care to do the same one. I hope to do something a bit more challenging next time.

Here's a scary self portrait.

December 1, 2014